Calculate your maximum loan immediately. A Good Credit advisor is naturally very busy with financial matters. But besides the calculations and the rules, my work also consists of customer contact.

It is precisely that contact with customers that produces the best moments of my working week. In particular, the moments when someone realizes that his or her wish is within reach.

Borrow money for a car

Borrow money for a car

For example, I had a conversation with Patricia and Tim last week. The car in which Tim drives to work every day urgently needs to be replaced. Also because they now have three children ready for a larger car model.

Borrow responsibly

After some consideration, because you don’t just borrow money for a car, they had decided to get further information. So they came to Good Credit for personal advice.

Because there was another hurdle: both Patricia and Tim have a good income, but both work on the basis of a temporary contract. Borrowing money with a temporary contract is simply assessed differently than when you want to borrow money with a permanent employment contract.

Good Finance Premium: extra attractive interest

Good Finance Premium: extra attractive interest

What Patricia and Tim did not know yet is that we at Good Credit have recently become a Premium partner of Good Finance. That means anyway that we, as Good Credit, can offer our customers a loan at Good Finance at an extra attractive interest rate.

Borrow money with a temporary contract

In addition, on 1 September, Good Finance launched Het Nieuwe Good Finance. With Het Nieuwe Good Finance, the range of loans was supplemented by a Homeowner Personal Loan and a Homeowner Ongoing Good Credit. The New Good Finance also brought more borrowing opportunities for people with a temporary contract.

Changes borrow money with a temporary contact

From now on, at Good Finance it applies that for people with a half-year contract 70% of the income is taken into account when assessing the loan application. 70% of the income is also taken into account for people with a temporary employee contract Phase B.

Do you have a temporary contract, a house to buy and are you older than 30? Then your entire income can even be taken into account when assessing your loan application.

New car thanks to a loan

New car thanks to a loan

When I tell them this, Patricia and Tim lose a burden. Suddenly the new car appears within reach. Tim has already caught his eye on a station wagon and wants to pass by the car dealer on the way home. Their enthusiasm makes me smile for the rest of the day.

Personal advice with your loan

Every situation with every loan application is unique. We as Good Credit advisors from Good Credit are happy to think along with you about the best loan for your personal situation and specific loan requirement. Request a quote and receive a proposal within 24 hours.

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